Most of our content is private, meaning it requires the user to be registered and logged in to the system, except for the Public Articles section that is public for everyone in the world to read. Our website is divided into main sections for productivity: Activity and GuruList.


This is your main desk where all your personal activities and interactions start, here you can see other members and groups, you can even create your own groups, the first thing you’ll note is the icons of the action menu all along the profile section indicating its different sections (if you cannot see the action menu, you will see a big plus sign, if you click it, it will present you the icons of the action menu):

    Share nice positive QUICK ideas, comments, links, images for you friends to see.
    Here you can see your personal information, it is very important that it is accurate so you can receive your incentives (in case you’ve subscribed to our program) and in case you need to be contacted by our friendly and respectful members for activities and help. In this section you can change your profile photo and also change your cover picture to make your profile look great.
    Our system communicates to you in this section, here you are announced about your friend’s activities and the requests solicited to you, visit it often and never miss an event.
    Here you receive the messages sent by people, you can reply, compose, store and send them.
    Here you see your friends and the requests of friendship.
    These are the groups of people that form our movement, groups are created for activities, courses, friendships, events, parties, support, etc. You can create your own groups too.
    These are like the groups but their goal is to present a more professional approach about the topics, where debate is a healthy interaction, it is a synthesis better presented for future reference.
    Browse here the events that are organized by our members and our community.
    Here you can organize meetups with friends or groups of people, here you can send the electronic invitation and your guests will reply to the invitations.
    This section is very important because it presents the articles that feed the Infopost for the entire world to see, so share the best of you and present it with a beautiful picture, you can copy and paste the pictures directly to attach them in your article.
  11. DOCS
    Upload your important files and/or copies of your relevant documents to keep at the reach of your hand. You can create one document that contains several attachments to create a complete file, then share it with your people or groups.
    Here you see and control the courses you are taking or that you already took, if it is empty go Take a Course.
  13. MEDIA
    Here you can share your pictures and organize them by albums, you can upload mp3 sound files too.
    Here you can change your password, edit the information of your addresses, change the email notices you receive and the visibility of your profile.

Find the people that are part of our community

Our members can create all kinds of groups for all kinds of activities, browse one to find an activity you enjoy and join them.

All the activity from all the members of our community, sorted from the newest to the oldest.

Chat in a simple line like in the 1990’s. Fun and useful.

Public Articles
(inside Activity)

This is a PUBLIC section of our website, all the articles that appear here can be accessed without the need of being part of our movement, so be wise and amazing because what you share in this section is for the entire world to read, remember that our goal is to raise the standard of love and respect by offering the best we have, presenting it in the most beautiful and clear manner possible. So promote your original ideas and PLEASE, super please, don’t bring here the regular stuff that is invading everywhere else with negative energy or information with institutional tendencies, help us to be unique, we aspire to be a source of love and great energy, be decent, witty and amusing, this is what prevents our network to become empty and superficial like the rest.

Access the section “Write an Article” to upload an article to the feed and to browse, review and edit the articles you’ve already uploaded and remember to reply with love and respect to the opinions of the people that post their comments, never take things personal, never feel offended nor be reactive, always be open to dialogue, same as when you comment on other member’s articles, remember we all grow up different and our ways of expression are different, communication is a complicate thing, 80% of all human communication is body language so at times we can sound mean when we are merely trying to express the best we can. Be wise in your writing and kind in your reading and judgement.


Share in this section your documents, writings and everything contained in your archive that are in the most popular file formats such as PDF, DOCx, XLSx, PPTx, PUB, ODx, TXT/RTF. You can keep them private ONLY for yourself or share them with members of our network or even make them PUBLIC, so the entire world can learn about them.

You can control the settings of each document in the section “My Docs“, add comments or grant access permissions. It is an amazing business tool, that will help you keep your information right at the palm of your hand.


If you have A VERY ATTRACTIVE PDF FILE TO SHARE, with nice content and excellent information, please send it to us so we share it in our community, our Flips library is a very cool way to promote reading and is favorite to share excellent information.


This is the most important and productive section of our website, this section will show its content to the entire world, members or NOT its content can be seen by everyone, so it is a powerful business platform, please, keep it legal and NEVER share any form of illegal content. Advertise your professional activities (products and services), businesses and enterprises beautifully and with pictures, so we all become your clients, this is the way we become stronger by supporting ourselves, rather than delivering your money to the same corporate giants that eclipse our presence in the markets. Announce your services too, explain them nicely so people can reach you. Always offer your top quality at the best prices you can, we want to grow with you and support you to help.

The section “GuruList Mine” is the console where you can control the listings you create, you can modify them or even translate them so they appear in other language.


Select one of the courses created by our members and learn what they share for you, this will build a curricula on your profile every time you have completed it, which you can access on the “My Courses” section.


Browse the events that are organized by our members and our community. You can create/edit/delete your own events in the section “My Events” and then add your own locations in “My Events Locations“. You also can check the bookings and registrations for the events you signed up to assist in “My events Bookings

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