Innovation Impacting Society – A Collective Effort | Dr Isabel Van De Keere | TEDxUCLWomen

Dr Isabel Van De Keere is the Founder and CEO of Immersive Rehab, a healthtech startup which uses immersive artificial intelligence to help patient recovery. Isabel’s talk explores how technological innovation impacts society as a collective. Perhaps more importantly, Isabel invites us to see how failing to ensure that underrepresented groups are involved in the creation of new technology and healthcare developments is an injustice.

Isabel places her own perspective in the context of clinical trials around heart disease in the 1990’s and in the recent development of m**********n applications. She asks us to question how innovation can beneficially impact society if we are not fully represented in the process of creating and testing new technology?

@ScienceRoadie Dr Isabel Van De Keere is the Founder & CEO of Immersive Rehab, a Virtual Reality digital health startup that focuses on the creation and development of physical & neuro-rehabilitation programmes in Virtual Reality that improve patient recovery. The goal is to increase the effectiveness of physical & neuro-rehabilitation, to reduce referral times­, to make rehab fun and engaging­, and to have a better patient outcome. Following a long physical rehab period Isabel went through herself due to a work accident, she decided to start Immersive Rehab in September 2016.

With a background in Electro-Mechanical Engineering and as a Doctor in Biomedical Engineering, Isabel is passionate about healthcare technologies, digital health, immersive technologies (VR/AR) and its applications in healthcare, using tech for good, social entrepreneurship, and promoting women in tech. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at



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