Rebecca Hamilton is the second-generation Owner and Co-CEO at Badger, a natural and organic personal care manufacturer, known for its unique company philosophy, pioneering family-friendly benefits, and B Corp community engagement. In addition to her role as Co-CEO, Rebecca leads marketing and sustainability initiatives. She’s an advocate for issues concerning the environment, ingredient transparency, and societal change. Rebecca has spoken at the White House, addressed the UN Convention on biological diversity in support of organic and regenerative agriculture, and testified before Congress on behalf of safer cosmetics. Rebecca has also attended the Senate and House briefings on Capitol Hill in support of family-friendly workplace practices and chemical reform.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

• Rebecca Hamilton talks about Badger and why it exists
• What motivates Rebecca to stay, run, and grow Badger
• Rebecca shares the pivotal moment when she felt Badger was the platform she’ll use to enact positive change
• Rebecca talks about the National Women’s Business Council and its impact on women in business
• Advice for people who want to be advocates and still be good business owners, brand stewards, and leaders within their organization
• The process Badger uses to enroll and support people that want to be activists in their organization
Rebecca’s proudest moments
• What’s next for Badger products?
• Women leaders in the food and beverage industry who have inspired Rebecca

In this episode…
How can you run a profitable business and have a positive impact on the world at the same time?

Almost everyone dreams of running a business that positively impacts the environment and community and has good returns. As a business owner and advocate for environmental issues, ingredient transparency, and societal change, Rebecca Hamilton knows exactly what it takes to bring about positive change. From mission-aligned partnerships to leadership activism, Rebecca shares her journey to success to inspire other entrepreneurs out there.

In this episode of the Gooder Podcast, host Diana Fryc is joined by Rebecca Hamilton, second-generation Owner and Co-CEO at Badger, to discuss ways to impact the world positively with your brand and have good returns. Rebecca explains how she uses Badger as a platform to enact positive change, impacts the National Women’s Business Council has on women in business, and she gives advice to people who want to be advocates and good business owners, brand stewards, and leaders within their organization.
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