The BEST FOODS To Balance Hormones NATURALLY In Women | Dr. Trevor Cates on Women of Impact

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We’ve normalized P*S, bloating, and mood swings so much you can find jokes, stereotypes and commercial products everywhere to treat those symptoms and more. But is it really normal for women to have all of these symptoms?

Dr. Trevor Cate is the bestselling author of the book, Clean Skin from Within and she’s also the owner and founder of The Spa Dr, a natural skin care line. She’s chatting with Lisa to debunk all of the symptoms that have been normalized for women for far too long.

It’s time to start paying attention to the symptoms we have and stop passing them off as the way it is. Dr. Cate shares in her new book how waking up refreshed from a full night’s sleep without coffee first thing in the morning and having energy throughout the day is attainable.

We have to start recognizing these symptoms for what they really are, our bodies’ way of getting our attention and letting us know something is off. Diet choices have more impact on our symptoms and our ability to alleviate them by treating the root causes than you know.

Great s*x drive and normal appetite and live in balance

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0:00 | Introduction Dr. Trevor Cates
0:41 | Norm’s That Are NOT Normal
6:44 | Reset Your Diet in 7 Days
16:36 | Food Symptoms to Watch For
23:44 | Danger of Added Sweeteners
30:30 | Feeling Triggered by Food
34:01 | Don’t Dismiss Your Symptoms
39:27 | Hormone Disruptors You Don’t Expect
45:42 | What Is Leaky Skin?
49:36 | Symptom-Free Life Is Possible
51:43 | Tips for Thriving S*x Hormones
54:26 | Self-Correcting Sleep Habits


“If we never give ourselves a break, and we don’t fuel our bodies with the right food, with the right movement, with the right mindset, those sorts of things, then we’re going to burn ourselves out, […] our hormones get out of balance.” [3:06]

“When we eat more diverse foods, especially those in season when they’re closest to the earth or to picking it from the tree it actually helps our gut microbiome diversity.” [7:32]

“There are things that we are doing that are interfering and creating symptoms that we don’t even realize that we’re having.” [9:11]

“When you have a symptom, […] pay attention to your body. Symptoms are a sign that something is not quite right.” [17:03]

“Whether it’s kale or mac n’ cheese, it’s not that food that we’re hungry for sometimes, it’s something else.” [32:05]

“Birth control pills were made for birth control, let’s just let them be that and not try to use them for managing symptoms.” [39:13]

“If you can get your oxytocin going it will help you bond with your partner, […] when you feel that connection you feel more in the mood.” [53:34]

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