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There’s no doubt that you’ve faced some heavy challenges in this lifetime. You’ve experienced loss and just out of the nature of being a woman you’ve definitely faced adversity on multiple levels. Yet, you’re here at this moment and that’s worth celebrating!

Being resilient takes courage. It requires you to face down your fears and still be willing to go again even though you’ve made all the mistakes, even though you’re heart is hurting, and in spite of all the trauma you’ve experienced.

In this episode, Rachel Hollis, who is no stranger to adversity, is sharing her heavy challenges and losses to share how she’s been able to overcome it all and become more resilient. Rachel is a bestselling author, lifestyle blogger, podcast host, and entrepreneur. Today we’re digging into the pain of showing up when you don’t want to, knowing yourself at a level that makes unstoppable, and how you can cultivate resilience to keep goin

The bonus part of this conversation is thinking through how you feel about your hormones, your cycle and how you feel about the food you eat. It’s not about being skinny or looking a certain way, but rather having the best relationship you can with yourself as all of these things impact your mood, how you show up, and how you feel and think about yourself.

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0:00 | Introduction to Rachel Hollis
0:34 | Secrets to Being More Resilient
8:38 | Keep Showing Up Even When…
15:00 | Positive Change Doesn’t Feel Great
22:39 | Trust You Know What’s Best
40:17 | How The Younger You Shows Up
48:14 | Stop Your Emotional Eating
1:14:38 | Overcome Fear, Failure &, Mistakes
1:22:26 | Brain Fog, Low Energy, & Hormones
1:43:47 | Embracing Your Cycle & Hormones
1:51:38 | Know Yourself At This Level

QUOTES: 37 sec

“If you don’t process it in the moment, you’re going to process it for the next decade, […] There is no escaping the emotions of the hard stuff we go through.” [5:36]

“Women are stronger negotiators when they are fighting for someone else.” [11:32]

“If I have trust with myself, I feel like my inner knowing will always tell me if something is not okay.” [27:27]

“When you learn to listen to that [intuition], I believe we are never guided incorrectly if you’re listening to true wisdom inside yourself.” [37:54]

“We are either a reaction to, or a reflection of the people who raised us.” [52:15]

“There was always a reason I could find to keep emotionally eating and never find a solution for how to make myself feel better in a way that didn’t involve food, […] nothing outside of yourself is ever going to satisfy you.” [57:25]

“There isn’t bad food, but there is food that is incompatible with my body.” [1:06:55]

“If we trusted that we would go again more than we trusted that we would fail, anything would be possible!” [1:14:38]

“If you knew that it wasn’t normal you would feel empowered to take steps that would heal you. It’s because we think that feeling badly, […] all of this stuff that we are made to believe is normal isn’t normal.” [1:45:54]

“If you know yourself then you know what your intention is, you know your heart, you know your values, you know your why. And if you really truly know yourself and you mess up you’ll know that you were doing your best and that you’ll do your best next time, and you won’t let other people speak in and change your truth because you know who you are…” [1:51:41]

“Begin to build a history of being strong and that’s what you look at the next time that you feel weak.” [1:53:07]

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