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Often we talk about and look up things like: feeling disrespected, how to enforce boundaries, relationship red flags and how to know if your partner is toxic or narcissistic. On this channel, we are all about empowering you to recognize your value and worth. Developing the grit and strength you need to stand up for yourself is critical for the best version of you. So we go h*****n self-love, radical confidence and upholding boundaries.

But… what about when you’re the culprit in the relationship and if you’re honest, you could show up in your relationship a little (or a lot) better?

Our guest today is the queen of real talk and a no b.s. take on life and what it means to reach your fullest potential. Mel Robbins is a best selling author, motivational speaker, and now the host of The Mel Robbins Podcast!

In this episode we’re going from how to identify when you’re being disrespected to what to do when you’re the one disrespecting your partner and your relationship. It’s not always obvious to people, but relationships are hard work and Mel is so real about how she shows up in her own marriage of 26 years. It’s easy to see a bit of yourself in her vulnerabilities of not being the perfect partner

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0:00 | Introduction to Mel Robbins
1:11 | Disrespect In Your Relationship
9:40 | Take Responsibility In The Relationship
20:18 | Identify Your Toxic Behavior
29:40 | Alpha Female Ambitions
44:48 | The Power Dynamic of Money
50:10 | Do This to Fix Your Relationship
1:09:27 | Change & Separation
1:21:15 | MDMA Relationship Therapy


“The second you are around a stranger, or a friend, […] and something feels off, or you feel any kind of bad vibration, there is all the evidence that you need.” [12:35]

“A lot of us were taught in childhood that love is transactional.” [14:31]

“We feel guilty because we think we’re responsible for somebody else being happy.” [15:46]

“I’m not a toxic person, but I engage in toxic behavior.” [20:42]

“Nobody is going to get better if you don’t tell them what they’re doing wrong.” [23:22]

“If you’re putting pressure on your partner when it comes to finances, that is your ambition, that is your desire. It’s not their responsibility to pay your bills and to provide for you.” [35:29]

“Providing doesn’t, in society’s lane, mean love and emotional connection, it means money.” [36:30]

“The gender roles that have been imposed on us are complete f*cking horse sh*t.” [44:48]

“Power follows the money.” [47:05]

“If you don’t value the support that your partner provides, that’s a huge problem.” [49:10]

“Couples therapy, in my opinion, doesn’t work that well if you’re not also willing to work on yourself.” [52:10]

“I had to see my own toxic behavior of using enthusiasm to bulldoze people.” [59:53]

“You cannot expect another human being to know where your emotional landmines are.” [1:02:47]

“If you have someone willing to meet you halfway, you will never regret at least trying to make it better.” [1:07:57]

“When anybody grows or changes it makes the people around you question what they’re doing.” [1:12:15]

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