DON'T STAY DOWN! How To Overcome SHAME, LOW SELF-WORTH & GET BACK UP! | Lindsey Stirling



On Today’s Episode:

If you’ve struggled with what you see in the mirror, you’re not alone. So many women, beautiful women, struggle with what they see. Our mental health is challenged trying to fit in, looking for love and acceptance, and wanting to somehow feel like you’re good enough.

This is the episode where it gets real, it gets personal, and it hits home for many of us. Today’s guest is the world renowned award winning hip hop dancing violinist, Lindsey Stirling. She was once humiliated on one of the biggest stages in front of millions of people, and now has over 3 BILLION views on her YouTube channel. She’s worked with some of the biggest names in music and it could have easily never started for her.

When it comes to matters of the heart, uncovering where our behaviors are doing us more harm than good, and where they are separating us from the things we most love, you have to dig deep and be willing to fight for happiness.

This is about finding a new normal outside of the lies you’ve convinced yourself of and outside of the comfort zone you’ve created for yourself. This is your opportunity to open your heart and get connected with yourself and the things worth fighting for.

Check out Lindsey’s Snow Waltz Music Video:


0:00 | Introduction to Lindsey Stirling
0:54 | Not Good Enough Yet
7:33 | Do This When Fear Takes Over
16:45 | The Battle With An Eating Disorder
32:59 | Beating Mental Health Triggers
36:03 | A Reason To Keep Pushing
45:57 | Gratitude Needs Balance Also
51:21 | Making Time for Love & Loss
1:05:21 | Snow Waltz Christmas


“Just because you didn’t have the greatest moment doesn’t mean that you don’t have what it takes to be great tomorrow.” [3:28]

“I was good enough because I put in the time and I didn’t give up and I listened to that inner voice.” [3:56]

“Step one of any process is this feels impossible.” [12:26]

“The most powerful experience you have in your court is doing something right.” [15:26]

“I was willing to fight for my health because of the people I loved, I wanted to love them again, fully.” [20:01]
“We do adopt a way of thinking to make our behavior feel okay, and by saying it’s normal makes us then be okay with the behavior and not then feel shame or embarrassment…” [24:14] Lisa Bilyeu

“It doesn’t mean that you’re a bad person just because you’re having a hard time being full of happiness and gratitude.” [44:39]

“Comparing ourselves to other people diminishes what we’re going through, it lessens the weight of what we’re going through, and I don’t think it serves us.” [45:40] Lisa Bilyeu

“Certain people bring out your sparkle, […] I know what I can feel and now it makes it so you can’t accept less than what you know you have the capacity to feel.” [55:27]

“I deserve a life with a partner that supports me, or I deserve to freaking live on my own.” [1:02:43]

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