STOP WASTING YOUR TIME – The 3 Keys To Identifying Your SOULMATE! | Julie Piatt

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On Today’s Episode:

When you’ve experienced more than one relationship, it’s natural to look back on previous relationships as failures you wish hadn’t happened. Today’s guest shares a totally different view that explains how even after 3 marriages she’s never had a “failed” relationship.

Julie Piatt is an artist, entrepreneur and divine badass. She’s the founder of SriMu cheese, a mother, a spiritual guide, and the incredible wife of ultra-endurance athlete and podcaster Rich Roll.

What Julie beautifully reveals in this episode is the power of perspective and how your applied perspective is the key to connecting you to the messiness of life that presents opportunities for you to evolve and step into your becoming.

Make sure you take note of the simple exercise she shares that can be done in 5-10 minutes daily to reveal the presence holding your life and your divine feminine energy.


“I don’t regard any of my marriages as failures.” [1:16]

“The biggest error is to put another person before you.” [6:58]

“I didn’t go through an abusive marriage, it was a sacred moment because it’s the kind that brings you to your knees and there’s nowhere else to go.” [14:34]

“Allow it to be a little messy but always respectful.” [23:14]

“It’s all about taking the empowerment of applying the perspective that you choose.” [30:21]

“The way to evolution and expansion is through the heart. The heart doesn’t fail you, it will not fail you ever.” [36:34]

“This is a new planetary precession and a new moment, a new eon, a new age. This is about the feminine coming into her rightful position, not overpowering the masculine, but in equal balance.” [40:44]

“If you’re judging another person, if you see somebody online and they’re annoying you, and you have all this stuff to say about them, it’s because you haven’t loved yourself enough.” [48:10]

“We feel guilty because we think we’re responsible for someone else being happy.” Mel Robbins [1:25:19]

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