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If you’ve ever been triggered by something that on the outside seemed so small and insignificant, and your reaction sent you into a wave of shame and embarrassment over how over the top it was, stop everything you’re doing and listen up!

Nicole LePera is one of our favorite friends on this show, and today she is stacking pieces of this complex puzzle that is us together in a way that clarifies the connection between the triggers we experience now as adults and our childhood challenges. Her new workbook, How to Meet Yourself is a wonderful way to get in touch with your inner self and use your heart to heal your past trauma .

You may be dealing with shame around your body or feeling disconnected from yourself and can’t really explain why. In this episode we’re deep diving on how to recognize when you’re operating in the present moment from your past experiences. To make sure this episode hits extra h*****n how you can turn yourself around, we’re unpacking emotional entanglement and why you have to stop villainizing your ego and see it for what it really is.

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“When we’re talking about these emotional reactions, we’re actually talking about things that are sensations that are stored in our body.” [5:23]

“All of our habits are grounded in a best attempt at creating safety by adapting to an environment.” [12:32]

“Over time the safer we feel paying attention to [our body], the more conscious we’ll become of all of those underlying sensations.” [26:10]

“Even outside of our senses the reality of it is that most of us are cycling in past memories.” [30:05]

“So many of us grew up as an extension of our parents.” [33:16]

“I view narcissism as a self focused survival based mechanism where that person is only trying to literally maintain their survival often at the expense of their children.” [38:45]

“The more consistently conscious we are the more the more we can make different choices before we lose that control.” [45:45]

“How we feel in our skin very much does translate to how we feel about ourselves.” [54:26]

“We are always filtering and determining what is of personal relevance, and what’s of personal relevance are our deep-rooted beliefs…” [1:02:26]

“Ego is a story of us very much grounded in our lived experiences…” [1:03:07]

“What feels like disproportionate reactions actually aren’t disproportionate. They are safety making mechanisms.” [1:04:33]

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