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“Women are History Makers” celebrates the vibrancy and trailblazing achievements of women.
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Women are history makers
Movers and shakers
You can’t mistake
Their impact on our lives

Women are history makers
Movers and shakers
Time to recognize

-Verse 1-
Suffrage: s-u-f-f-r-a-g-e means the right to vote
Hundreds of years in our country women were told no
And that they should stay silent
When it came to how our country was run
Not until 1920 did they change the Constitution

Sojourner Truth and Susan B Anthony
“Yes” to women’s right and “No” to slavery
All of the suffragettes
Were an example of bravery

For years they organized
Their power grew and grew
And women got that right to vote
So, you know it’s true that


Verse 2
Equal e-q-u-a-l as great as, to the same degree
Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Fought for gender equality
This amazing lawyer was a justice on the court supreme
With a really cool nickname
The Notorious RBG

Women all around us who support civil liberties
See what’s out of balance in our laws and our communities
Then they jump into action
And use their words to create unity

Their passion stirs inside
All can rejoice
The greatest tool of woman
is her voice


-Verse 3-
Global – g-l-o-b-a-l means the world entirely
Women all around the globe are also making history
Like Greta Thunberg who is Swedish and at age 15
Made the world see that have to keep our earth healthy

Keep on learning. Know their names. One thing is a guarantee
Women near and far and everywhere are making history
And they inspire us
To become all that we can be

It feels so good
To shout it out
There is no doubt
That women are what


Verse 4
Vital – v-i-t-a-l –means necessary in our lives
Without women there’d be no you or me
They’re why we’re alive
Moms, grandma, guardians, aunts, sisters, cousins, friends too
Shout out to all the great women all around you

They can be a Scientist, Farmer, CEOS, architects, bankers, technicians
Teacher, artists, doctors, nurses, engineers, coders, politicians

Let’s show gratitude
For all they do
Great women of the world
We thank you

Chorus 2x



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