How These Hollywood Women Are Changing The World

What These Legendary Women Achieved and How They Are Changing The World Outside Of Hollywood.
It’s easy to get caught up in the lives of Hollywood celebs and assume that all they do is look pretty, act in films, eat cheese and drink wine, and then go home to sit in glamorous robes by the fire and talk about the stars. Or maybe that’s just us? Either way, it can often be surprising to find out that a lot of these stars have accomplished a lot more than we even know about, and a lot of these accomplishments are completely outside the realm of Hollywood. Lots of celebrities will start small businesses or work creatively with b****r companies, but that’s not what we’re talking about. These legendary women of Hollywood from the golden age of classic black and white films to modern-day movies, are so much more than a talented and pretty face. Some of these women have achieved great things! We’re talking about women starting their own foundations that serve to help others in a time when no one would, women who successfully completed college and wrote scientific research papers that were published in scientific journals, even women who traveled all over the globe to help save people from disaster. And they still managed to make it big in Hollywood too. We can’t even balance our jobs and a regular workout schedule. If you need a few role models, look no further, because these women are actually superheroes. Take a look with us at all of these iconic women who graced the silver screen, and also changed the world.

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