Covid-19: more questions about coronavirus, answered | The Economist

What has the world learned about the novel coronavirus and its knock-on effects on the global economy? Ed Carr, The Economist’s deputy editor, and Alok Jha, our science correspondent, answer more of your questions about the virus. Find all of The Economist’s coverage of covid-19 here:

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Timecoded questions listed below:

00:23 – How bad will the global economic impact be compared to other recessions?
01:31 – What might the economic recovery look like once the pandemic is under control?
02:51 – How will people in small developing countries cope?
04:41 – Will covid-19 subside in the warmer months?
05:32 – Will this virus mutate? And will that mean we need to develop different vaccines?
07:32 – When will a vaccine be widely available?
08:38 – How will being out of school affect children’s development and their futures?
09:07 – Will the coronavirus benefit the environment?
10:08 – What will the world look like post covid-19?

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