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Go to to get your copy of my book Radical Confidence! When you do, you’ll be getting a toolkit of 10 No-BS lessons on becoming the hero of your own life – and you’ll learn how to set better boundaries, live a life that lights you up, and give you the ability to boldly stare down ANY frikin’ thing that gets between you and the things you want from life!

On Today’s Episode:

Stop everything you’re doing and listen up! Not asking yourself the right questions keeps the best part of you hidden from the ones you love and even worse, it keeps you from you. Going through your days feeling stuck and somehow not even conscious of what’s wrong, or that something is wrong, or that there is a way better existence possible is not okay!

What will it take for you to stop walking through life ignoring messages meant to save you and start living more aware in the moment of your emotions, your needs, your wants and even better what you don’t want and need?

Jenna Kutcher is the host of Goal Digger, the podcast that delivers life struggles, reframes, clarity and value through the lens of a mom, entrepreneur and marketing guru. She’s taking this dive with Lisa to discuss her first book, How Are You Really, and get to the heart of what so many women are struggling to articulate.

Pause where you are right now, before you continue and think about where you will be in 5 years if you continue as you are today with no changes? Is this what you want for yourself? What needs to change for you to get excited and really look forward to a version of you 5 years out that is worth moving towards?

In this episode, grab the pen and paper, Jenna and Lisa are bringing hard questions we all need to be brave enough to really answer. From aligning with the future vision you have for yourself to creating space that allows creativity and curiosity, and dealing with burnout, Jenna is bringing sunshine to the reality of the emotions we all face.

Check out Jenna Kutcher’s new book, How Are You Really:


0:00 | Introduction to Jenna Kutcher
0:50 | Stuck Avoiding The Hard Question
11:25 | The 1st Step To Finding Your Truth
18:10 | Inviting Self Change
22:28 | Talked Out Of Your Feelings
29:16 | Motherhood, “Shoulds” & Balance
36:47 | Breakthrough Burnout With This
42:27 | Boundaries Are the Hero
51:23 | It’s Okay to Change Your Mind


“The universe, our intuition, maybe a friend, our bodies are all trying to get through to us, but we just keep on, […] We keep on doing all these things and we ignore all of these messages.” [8:28]

“If the answer is that ‘I’m not okay,’ then I’ve got to face that, and I think we’re afraid to face it.” [10:17]

“I learn better through what’s not for me than understanding what is for me.” [15:51]

“We get so overwhelmed by these big visions that we let our procrastination turn into paralyzation.” [17:45]

“If I look back on my decade of entrepreneurship, the biggest times that I had the greatest evolutions or breakthroughs were the times I gave myself margin and space, like time to think.” [21:48]

“Sometimes we need to remember how to smell the flowers and b**w out the candles so that we can just sit in our feelings without trying to push them or get past them or move through them too quickly.” [24:45]

“I feel stretched thin because of the fullness of life. Nothing is bad and nothing is broken and nothing is wrong, but life is full, and I don’t know if I can always carry that.” [27:28]

“Joy and gratitude can exist with challenge.” [32:44]

“I have learned the exact opposite that boundaries keep me in my life , they keep me in the moment, they keep me in alignment, they keep me living in integrity.” [43:29]

“We’ve gotta strike while the iron is hot. Well the iron is hot when you turn it on friend!” [47:34]

“We all forget, we have our own microscope up to our own lives. Everyone is also head down in their own life, no one is paying that close of attention.” [58:41]

“To me there is no greater compliment than someone saying, you changed.” [59:58]

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