CHANGE Your Thoughts; Change Your LIFE | Gabby Bernstein on Women of Impact

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If you fall into the category of average, you may be dealing with unresolved traumas and experiences that have left your mental and emotional state in chaos. Too many of us have been left coping with behaviors and feelings we don’t quite understand and therefore struggle to resolve. In this episode Lisa explores unresolved trauma, letting go of control, what it takes to surrender and living judgement free with the #1 NY Times bestselling author, Gabby Bernstein. Gabby shows up with grace and honesty to help you step out of the illusion of control into a place where you can exist and create from inspiration and balanced energy. You are capable of being genuine with yourself and letting go of your controlling ways. Take a dive in to get the exact steps how, so you can start today!


Unresolved Wounds | Gabby breaks down what it means to show up for you wounds [3:06]
Honoring Wounds | Gabby shares why honoring your wounds starts with a decision [5:53]
Judgement | Gabby on judging others and self and the need for evaluation & compassion [8:42]
Self-Care | Gabby on being unapologetic about self-care and making time [13:56]
Radical Honesty | Gabby reveals her practice of radical honesty in healthy relationships [19:40]
Surrender | Gabby breaks down the difference between surrender and control [22:15]
Lose Control | Gabby on letting go of control to succeed and be more grounded [26:31]
Control Recovery | 3 steps to letting go of control and identifying negative control [28:53]
Inspired Surrender | Gabby on getting into mindset of surrender and allowing inspiration [32:48]
Choose Again | Gabby shares 3 steps to mentally recondition negative thoughts [34:43]
Trauma | Gabby on her experience recovering traumatic experience & the gratitude [39:41]


“…unresolved wounds from attachment breach, from childhood experiences, from feelings of being unlovable, and not good enough, […] they will show up until you show up for them” [3:11]

“So you have these moments in life where you are in the wound, you feel the experience, and you realize there has to be a better way. Those moments are a miracle because an invisible door opens for you” [7:12]

“when we’re judging, we’re actually projecting out a disowned part of our shadow, a part of us that is unresolved, a part of us that is still needing resources and healing and support.” [9:38]

“if my temple, if my energy field, if my physical presence, if my mental psyche is not steady its not at ease, it’s not regulated, then everything in my life gets dysregulated” [14:15]

“when people walk their talk, that is when they become unapologetic. Because it’s no longer this thing I have to prove, it’s something that I have to stand by.” [17:39]

“when it comes to giving advice to others, and caring for others, just just telling the truth, is the most loving thing we can do.” [20:55]

“surrender isn’t giving up, it’s giving over, it’s welcoming a path, that may not be what we expected, it’s taking our hands off the wheel, releasing control, opening up our consciousness to something that could be this or something better.” [22:17]

“So when you release the control, you’ve relaxed your container, which is your energy field, your nervous system, and in that relaxed state, you have far more power to create and to cultivate.” [28:15]

“you can still be in the pursuit of growth and healing and feel really f*****g great at the same time.” [42:40]

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