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Some seasons of life feel like one long endless battle. Maybe the battles are a result of decisions you’ve made, and maybe they’re unavoidable. Either way, it’s the moments in these battles that force challenge the real you, the authentic version of you that exists at your core.

There’s a host of things that can prepare you for battle and there’s one core principle from which everything else is powered to help you leave every battle victorious, and that’s self-love.

Roxy Saffaie is a super incredible badass. She’s the founder of Black Belt Beauty and a powerful voice for self-mastery. In this episode she’s showing us exactly how to connect and develop the mental fortitude through doing the hard sh*t that trains us physically.

Strong mind. Strong body.

Roxy is reminding all us that we need to be capable of carrying heavy loads and how it always comes back to really loving yourself.
Self-love is not making excuses
Self-love is getting f*cking uncomfortable
Self-love is developing discipline

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0:00 | Introduction to Roxy Saffaie
0:40 | How Much Effort Are You Worth?
4:34 | Do the Sh*t You Don’t Want to Do
7:41 | Get Mentally Stronger the Badass Way
12:20 | Ditch Your Excuses (At the Wall)
37:05 | Develop Discipline (To Hang On)
1:04:40 | Get F*cking Uncomfortable
1:22:39 | Stick to Your Path of Confidence


“This effort that I’m making is really connected to my self-worth.” [1:29]

“You have to feel worthy of the battle and the victory.” [2:39]

“I embrace every challenge that is on my path knowing that, […] me moving towards this challenge is me fortifying myself, the relationship I have with myself.” [6:44]

“When I’m lifting heavy sh*t, I’m telling myself that I am capable to handle heavy loads in life.” [9:07]

“That reserve moment is in f*cking everybody but not everybody is willing to push the trigger on it.” [17:19]

“…I can fall with respect, I can fall and feel proud. Can you fall and feel proud? You can when you put your f*cking heart into the work.” [19:29]

“To develop any kind of loving, trustworthy, respectable relationship with anybody, […] you have to invest.” [30:11]

“Pull the best out of yourself in any and every moment of your life.” [43:24]

“When you are in your healthiest state, […] the volume on your intuition is louder.” [46:45]

“Be willing to start from the beginning, be willing to start from the f*cking bottom, be willing to s**k, be willing to sweat to take the punches, […] you are literally telling yourself, ‘I love you, you’re worth it.’” [51:09]

“I wanted to go to the olympics, I didn’t go to the olympics but that’s okay because life is my sport and so everyday is like an olympic sport.” [56:21]

“In moments where you’re uncomfortable, where you’re being challenged, can you stay loose with it, can you stay flexible, so that you can actually respond to the challenge in a way where you won’t break ?” [1:07:09]

“When you really know who you are, nothing can override this knowing.” [1:24:53]

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