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Maybe you’re a single mother, or a sister, aunt or best friend of a young man in your life trying to learn how to navigate the ropes of life and you’re wondering how you can be enough for him, and if you’re enough.

There’s been a debate about whether a woman can raise a strong man or not, but today’s guest puts this argument to rest once and for all. Devon Franklin released an audible exclusive called, It Takes a Woman, to pay tribute to the love, the sacrifice and the value he and his brothers received from the women that helped raise them.

Devon Franklin is an award winning film and TV producer, former Senior VP of Production at Columbia Pictures and current president and CEO of Franklin Entertainment. The way he connects to his emotions and pain with clarity of mind is inspiring.

In this episode we’re discussing how to be okay and how to find the line where sacrifice requires more self-care to be even better for the people you love the most. There are things that only a woman can do to make things alright, but it doesn’t have to come in the form of perfection and it doesn’t need to be to your own detriment.

“We never fully come to terms with the lost that cuts us to our soul” -Devon Franklin, It Takes a Woman

Check out Devon’s Audible Exclusive, It Takes A Woman:


0:00 | Introduction to Devon Franklin
0:41 | It Takes A Woman’s Strength
6:29 | A Mother’s Perfect Imperfection
14:55 | Remedies for Childhood Trauma
18:44 | Self-Care, Sacrifice, & Healthy Boundaries
29:54 | Define Your Role & Identity
37:41 | Strong Men Raised By Women
44:47 | Recognize the Pain & How You Feel
50:50 | Love, S*x, & Relationships


“There’s an expectation that women are going to do a certain thing, and as a result it isn’t always valued.” [3:55]

“My mother was a strong woman because of her vulnerability.” [5:17]

“I’m not about being selfish, but I’ve learned the value of self-prioritizing.” [17:48]

“As men we do tend to be selfish when it comes to what women offer us and give us, and we do tend to undervalue and take for granted what women give us.” [22:30]

“Yes, you should sacrifice, certainly there’s nothing wrong with that, yet please don’t sacrifice to the detriment of who you are.” [24:05]

“I love you enough to offer whatever advice or help or support, yet if I step in and do it for you, then I’m actually not loving you.” [28:08]

“If I find my identity in service to someone else, that to me is the equivalent of building your house on sand.” [34:20]

“A lot of things, when they hurt us, is because there’s a seed of truth in it. So our reaction is really very revelatory. How we react to certain things is a great indicator of what’s going on in here.” [42:03]

“This pain is here to teach me if I let it, and this pain is here to help me understand who I am and who I’m not…” [43:43]

“I’m a perfectionist in reform. I thought, […] I want to get through life perfectly, and that didn’t work, so I rather get through it truthfully. It’s not going to be perfect and that’s okay as long as it’s true I can live with that.” [44:21]

“I allowed others’ perception of me to be my prison.” [50:05]

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