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We live with so many rules and ideas around diet that stem from effective marketing from food companies with one agenda, increase sales! The downside is that people have adopted these marketing messages as dietary facts. Eating processed grains for breakfast, 6 small meals a day, and avoiding fats are just a few examples.

Jessie Inchauspie is a biochemist better known as the Glucose Goddess on her Instagram and the international bestselling author of the book, Glucose Revolution. She is blowing our minds today in the crash course on all things glucose.

You want to get off the energy roller coaster, stop the monstrous carb cravings and rebalance your hormones, then grab a pen and take notes. Jessie has hacks that anyone can do and with minimal effort, you can start using these hacks to lower the glucose spikes your food causes without completely changing your diet. The best part is that weight loss is a symptom of fixing your glucose spikes.

Learn how to make food decisions for pleasure and enjoy the foods that you like guilt-free. You can be healthier and more balanced in energy mind and body with these simple hacks and knowledge that makes you unstoppable.

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0:00 | Introduction to Jessie Inchauspie
1:00 | Crash Masterclass on Glucose
4:00 | Signs of Too Much Glucose
7:00 | Reduce Sugar Spikes For Good
14:45 | Fruit Juice vs. Coke
22:30 | Get Rid of Bad Labels on Food
29:42 | Calories Are B.S. for Weight Loss
40:58 | Healthy Sugars & Sweeteners
44:49 | Use Your Muscles to Lower Glucose
48:18 | Becoming the Glucose Goddess
55:55 | If You Must Do Carbs, This Is Best
59:55 | Tips for Fasting & Eating Before Bed
1:03:48 | Following Diet Trends & Habits
1:09:02 | Glucose Isn’t The Full Picture
1:12:07 | The Magic of Vinegar
1:17:41 | What Your DNA Can’t Tell You
1:23:18 | Science of Artificial Sweeteners
1:26:31 | Hormone Connected Glucose Spikes
1:33:22 | Do You Really Want Wrinkles?
1:34:45 | White Or Brown Doesn’t Matter


“Weight loss becomes one of the consequences of learning about your glucose and stabilizing it, but it’s not really the main objective, nor is it the only thing that happens.” [1:18]

“Often the symptoms we’re experiencing, we kind of mask or feel bad about the symptoms, when really often what’s happening is that these symptoms are, […] messages.” [5:51]

“You don’t have to change what you’re eating, just think about fiber and the fact that she needs to go in first, and that will completely change the impact of your meal on your health.” [14:16]

“The fruit we find today in supermarkets is actually not natural at all.” [16:48]

“In the same way we bred wolves into chihuahua, humans have bred ancestral bananas into bananas that we see today.” [17:26]

“The amount of calories in something tells you nothing about what the food is going to do to your body.” [30:41]

“The calories thing is an easy thing for the food industry to hide behind.” [37:41]

“I don’t like saying good and bad carbs. I like the distinction between starches and sugars.” [57:10]

“Your glucose levels are very tightly correlated to your hormonal system.” [1:28:08]

“The decision of white sugar or brown sugar is not where health happens. That is not where feeling better happens.” [1:37:51]

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