The Insane ANTI-AGING Benefits Of Intermittent Fasting For WOMEN! | Dr. Cynthia Thurlow

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There are challenges that come along with being a woman. While we stand up for equal pay, and make sure our voice is heard, there are many areas around our womanhood that don’t feel like equality and come they don’t necessarily come with the warning lights on.

Women’s health is one of those areas where we have to embrace we are different. Our hormones and biology don’t award us the same benefits as men, which is why medical research and studies focused on women is so critical.

Cynthia Thurlow spent the first part of her career as an RN in cardiology and in emergency medicine. Thankfully she pivoted to become the founder of the Everyday Wellness Project and the bestselling author of, Intermittent Fasting Transformation, which focused on fasting for women, losing stubborn weight and improving our hormonal health.

Today we dig into more than just the benefits of fasting for women, but also the reason women have to fast differently depending on age and where she is in her menstrual cycle. You’ve probably heard about the benefits of fasting but this time we’re focusing on the benefits of fasting for you and your metabolic health.

Cynthia is also going to break down how to implement fasting effectively, and it is the most practical and simplest way to start eating a little less. Her approach is about progression and long term strategy for success, not an all in overnight solution to suffer through.

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“Women in particular, have to embrace our physiology, not apologize for it.”

“Fasting can be a form of beneficial stress, […] in the right amount at the right time.”

“There’s this interrelationship between how frequently we eat, the food choices we make, and ultimately what translates into metabolic health…”

“Even if you choose not to have children your body is still primed to procreate.”

“Fasting is one of many strategies we can use for our health but it’s also one we have to be conscientious about.”

“The moment we feel embarrassed and shame about one thing it starts to bleed into every area.” Lisa Bilyeu

“I’m not anti-carb but let’s get real. We have to be honest with ourselves and examine our relationship with carbohydrates.”

“Fasting is designed to be flexible, but as you are transitioning into a fasting lifestyle, […] it’s not about rigidity.”

“Our physiology is what makes us unique and beautiful, we shouldn’t fee like we have to apologize for it.”

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