Episode 5:  How to Use Life's Limitations Raise You Up. "Quarantined With   Your Spouse?!"

Hi, I’m Rivka Malka, Thanks for being here! When you SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube Channel , this is what you can expect:
• Real and raw personal advice on healing from limiting beliefs
• Intimate tips on womanhood, marriage and family life
• A loving path that will deepen your connection to G-d (no matter what your faith)
• Entry to the Redemption community – a growing sisterhood of women accessing their power, finding incredible healing and impacting their world.

Hi, I’m Rivka Malka. I’m a Jewish educator, speaker, blogger and a Transformation Coach. I am the Founder of The Redemption School of Coaching and Transformation, Redemption Retreats and SoulShine Coaching.
My goal is to guide spiritual, dynamic women to explode their purpose by providing unconditional love and clarity on the road to transformation.
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There’s a gift inside of us that is so big it can nourish the world. There is something for us to teach, to be, to embody that is literally the purpose of our existence. I help women go beneath the surface and help them walk through the fire as they grow into the great leaders they were meant to be.
I teach about cultivating our inner wisdom, helping us understand ourselves, our purpose and the ways in which our situation is preparing us for the great future G-d has in mind for us.
The women I work with are passionate about growth and self-awareness. All women are leaders – some in their office, some in their home and some of entire cities. We are emotionally healthy and creative and are a big dreamers. Most of all we are committed to living lives of purpose.
Through my videos and programs women catapult their business or personal life to realms of influence, impact and inspiration. They change their marriages, heal from trauma, release resentment, find freedom from limiting beliefs and a connection to G-d. It’s time to literally reinvent yourself.
What is the underlying theme behind everything I talk about? Watch my video about my NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE and how it changed my life.



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