What Coronavirus Means for Your Love Life (Matthew Hussey)

►► How Can You Improve Your Relationships During This Time?
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What a week…

It’s a time of mixed emotions. Anxiety. Stress. Fear. Uncertainty. Boredom. Resentment about losing the year we thought we were going to have in 2020.

This crisis is impacting people all over the world to varying degrees. And with how rapidly it is evolving, I have wanted to hold off on wading in with my opinions until I really felt I had something to say.

Alongside all manner of life-related issues people are asking me about, they are, of course, eager to hear my answers to their love life questions during this time:

How can I date during this time of social distancing?
Should I move in with my ex so that I’m not alone in this time?
How do I keep my (now) long-distance relationship alive?
How can I handle living with someone I’ve never spent this much time with prior to isolating with them?
How will I get through this if I feel totally alone?

Whether you’re single and looking to meet someone special, or dating someone you can’t physically be with right now, or even if you’re in the middle of healing post-breakup… there is a silver lining I talk about in today’s special message…

Please share this video with anyone you know who needs it.

And more than ever, I want to stress that I am here for you. We are a team. And we will get through this together.

I love you, and I’m thinking of you.

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