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Let’s be honest. There’s a lot of BS we’ve been accepting as the “norm” that we really should be questioning. High stress levels? Of course stress sounds normal, who isn’t stressed and your stress levels are sky high. You’re running around doing everything and trying to be everything for everyone and you’re checking social media in between.

Appetite out of control? Why wouldn’t it be? You don’t have time to prioritize sleep, so you’re also tired, and you get insane cravings for all the carbs, the sweet and salty things that betray you later.

Is anyone stopping to think that maybe your hormones are the culprit? When was the last time you heard “hunger hormones” used together?

Dr Amy Shah joined us for the first time to talk about why we’re so “Effing Tired” and how hormones, fasting, and circadian rhythms are different for women. This time Dr Amy is joining us to share about the hunger hormones making you so “Effing Hungry” that increases stress levels, increases overwhelm, and makes adulting in our relationships 10 times harder.

A few ideas Dr. Amy Shah shares that will b**w your mind:

What you eat changes and controls your mood
Every 10% increase in processed food you eat leads to a 21% jump in depression
Hunger hormones drive you to do the best and worst things for your body

Dr. Amy Shah is a double-board certified medical doctor that specializes in food allergies, hormones and gut health for women. She’s passionate about women’s health and disseminating health information for women to have healthier, happier, fitter lives.

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“I wish more people understood that what you eat influences the gut bacteria, […] and tells us how to feel, what to crave, what to ask for and what our mood should be.”

“You can actually eat to change your mood.”

“If we don’t know how to control our mood, how to soothe ourselves, how to create a positive dopamine response, we are going to be stuck with the defaults and the defaults that are trying to control our mood want us to be addicted to TikTok, to food, to alcohol…”

“What America has done is make a fiber-less society.”

“Feeding your gut bacteria, keeping them happy, growing more of them, bringing more diversity to it is our way out of this huge epidemic we’ve created for ourselves.”

“What is ultra-processed food? […] Food that contains ingredients that could never be recreated in a kitchen.”

“For every 10% increased processed food that you have in your diet, there’s a jump of depression by 21%, […] our grocery stores are 75% ultra-processed.”

“Don’t tell everyone you’re wins because you want to retrain your body to keep yourself motivated for the next step.”

“My biggest goal is to help people out of this horrible place that so many of us are in. Our mental health is suffering.”

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