5 Boundaries EVERY WOMAN Must Set In A Relationship – GIRL, STAND UP! | Nedra Tawwab

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On Today’s Episode:

Being gaslit and in situations where you are being mistreated and misused, and taken advantage of is more than enough reasons to stand up and set boundaries!

Nedra Glover Tawwab is a boundary badass, relationship expert and bestselling author. She has such a calm and unbothered way of expressing boundaries that better manage the unhealthy relationships we need to escape or put on ice.

This episode is the complete playbook of boundaries every woman needs to set to stand up and be the hero of her own story.
– Own your stuff and recognize your relationship patterns
– Stand up for yourself and believe in who you are becoming
– Stop people pleasing and lead with pleasing yourself
– Being related isn’t a pass on disrespect
– Be loyal to love, not abuse

Setting boundaries isn’t mean or selfish. Boundaries are a protection of your peace, your time, your physical and mental space, and your most meaningful relationships.

Are you ready to reshape how you connect with people to start building healthier relationships, starting with yourself.

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“Arguing is a choice, […] I will not argue with you about something being my fault when I know it wasn’t.”

“I’m typically not responsible for anyways I’m being mistreated by a person.”

“Assertive is clearly stating what you want or need, being mindful of your tone, and trying to say it in the right setting.”

“People don’t have to be in relationship with you after you’ve offended them.”

“The person I have to please the most is me.”

“I’m loyal to love, I’m not loyal to abuse.”

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