GIRL, GET UP! – How To Create A NEW VERSION Of Yourself In 2023! | Sarah Jakes Roberts

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As women, many of us have lived lives with moments that bring us shame, fill our hearts with pain, bitterness, and resentment. The thing is, you don’t have to stay in that mental space with negative thoughts and beliefs that say you’re not worthy, you have no value, or that you’re unlovable. Sarah Jakes Roberts is a woman of faith that breaks the mold and dares to own her scars, be bold, and walk in the truth of all that she is, from every mistake that she no longer allows to define her. She joins me today to help you flip the toxicity of the life you may be holding onto on its head and redefine what it means to create a meal worth serving from your leftovers.

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Self Worth | Sarah defines her self-worth and share how her flaws add to her value [2:03]
Shame | Ashamed of her truth and deciding what to create with the “leftovers” [4:38]
Leftovers | Sarah exposes the hidden power of creating from what’s left after the struggle [6:30]
Poison | Sarah on purging the insecurities, fear, false confidence, and false positivity [8:06]
Living Divided | Denying part of your truth, avoiding the ruins, and missing your strength [10:14]
Negative Thoughts | How to look at the root of negative thoughts that echo insecurities [12:11]
Relationship Work | Bring value and purpose into the relationship with yourself [17:46]
Marriage | Sarah’s 1st marriage failing was a symptom and that she could do better [20:48]
Walking Away | Sarah on how to leave bad relationships & questions to ask yourself [24:47]
Incubate Hope | Creating an environment for hope to grow and starving your fears [27:16]
Toxic People | Instead of labeling people as toxic, see that we are all broken [28:28]
Being Hostile | Sarah shares how being petty takes energy and takes away from you [30:13]
Betrayal | Understanding what betrayal communicates to you and knowing it’s about you [34:01]
Inner Circle | Sarah on the value of knowing people’s value and intention for you [38:12]
Success | How success is obedience to the urge and nudge to manifest what’s within [45:27]

“Self-worth is believing in the value that I bring when I come into a room or space.” [2:31]

“I had to really come to this space where I realized I don’t feel smart, I don’t feel worthy, I don’t feel valuable. This is my truth. And as painful as that was to say, it was also liberating, because I took the whisper that was haunting me and taunting me throughout my life and finally gave it a voice.” [5:57]

“I had my own poison that my insecurities were constantly pumping into my veins that fear was constantly pumping into my veins. And I realized that as long as I was poisoned, I could only attract poison.” [8:16]

“fall more in love with you than you do with the potential outcome that you’re achieving or looking to achieve.” [10:47]

“I realized that just because a thought comes my way doesn’t mean I have to accept it. To accept the thought is to say, I’m going to allow this to now become a part of my truth.” [15:06]

“We’re not qualified to be in a relationship until we realize what I need a person in my life for” [18:08]

“at the end of the day, it’s love that leads us out of places of fear.” [25:03]

When we know that I am betraying myself to be in relationship with someone, then I have to ask myself, what am I receiving to them that is so valuable, that I am willing to betray myself?” [25:22]

“I spend so much mental real estate thinking about what I want to go wrong with someone that I don’t have time to consider what I want to go well with my own spirit and soul.” [31:09]

“Not every person in your family can feed you. Not every person in your family can help you promote growth, and to create an environment for you to incubate hope. Some people are blowing your candle out while you’re trying to get the flame going.” [38:23]

“The truth is, I’m afraid, but I’m going to dare to believe anyway. The truth is, I’m not qualified, but I’m gonna dare to go after it anyway.” [41:41]

More About Sarah: In 2017, Sarah launched Woman Evolve a ministry that focuses on incubating every woman to her fullness. Since its conception Woman Evolve has been successful at reaching and guiding thousands of women to awaken healing, wholeness, and love for themselves and others.

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