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With anxiety affecting more than 40 million Americans and 264 million people worldwide, chances are anxiety and stress have been affecting you too. Anxiety is more common in women, as we are twice as likely to be diagnosed than men. What’s the best solution for anxiety and is it a one size fits all kind of band-aid? Dr. Ellen Vora breaks down why treating anxiety strictly as mental health without looking at the entire body is problematic. Not only will it be beneficial to your anxiety and stress levels to look at your diet and lifestyle for clues to treat your anxiety, but it’s also a game changer and Dr. Vora is simplifying ways to address anxiety and lower your stress levels dramatically.

Check ut Ellen Vora’s new book, The Anatomy of Anxiety:

Dr. Vora takes a functional medicine approach to mental health, considering the whole person and addressing imbalance at the root, rather than reflexively prescribing medication. In addition to her private practice and speaking engagements, Dr. Vora consults for healthcare startups as well.


How Anxiety Manifests | Ellen explains why anxiety isn’t just coming from your mind [0:34]
False Anxiety | Ellen reveals what avoidable anxiety does to our stress responses [4:34]
Substance Induced Anxiety | How substances affect anxiety levels and neurotransmitters [9:17]
True Anxiety | The beautiful side of anxiety that is a purposeful way to communicate [16:08]
Body Relationship | Our relationship and ability to heal really listen to your body [18:39]
False Yes | Ellen explains what a false yes and how it silences our inner voice [21:52]
Healthy Boundaries | Ellen explains how to uphold boundaries to honor saying ‘no’ [23:39]
Goals | Ellen reveals why finding balance is more important in deciding to go hard or not [28:12]
Relaxation & Ease | How healing and doing the right thing is better achieved with ease [30:39]
Long Term Diet Success | Ellen’s diet tips to help you focus on what to add into your diet [33:21]
Sleep Shoe Size | Why the right amount of sleep is necessary to lower stress & anxiety [41:28]
Hustle Culture | How to go after a fulfilling life first, be productive and allow space [51:27]
Panic Attacks | Ellen gives grounding tips for moments of anxiety and panic [54:09]


“A lot of what’s happening in our brain, […] it’s often a downstream effect of things that are happening elsewhere in the body.” [1:03]

“Many seemingly benign really common aspects of modern life are getting our body out of balance. And oftentimes it precipitates a stress response.” [4:57]

“Avoid the temptation to pathologize it, we want to see it as not the nuisance or the symptom to suppress, but the communication to heed.” [17:16]

“It’s all about teaching ourselves not to betray ourselves, and if in that moment, not having the drink is the act of radical self love, we’re now better at that we’ve developed that skill and kind of cultivated it.” [26:20]

“A really healthy goal is to kind of see this as well, what is building towards a fulfilling life? Sometimes it’s more motivation, discipline, goals, and sometimes it’s a little bit less.” [30:14]

“A lot of times we’re anxious because we don’t have enough healthy fats in our diet, or because we’re micronutrient deficient.” [37:24]

“If you’re someone who needs nine hours of sleep, rather than feeling like, ‘well, that’s not fair, other people get to live more life’, just own it, embrace it and protect it fiercely and unapologetically.” [42:50]

“We don’t just exist for productivity, we also exist to have a little bit of spaciousness to just enjoy what is to be enjoyed about the human experience.” [53:40]

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