Harvard Doctor on How to BALANCE Your Hormones & Take Back CONTROL of Your Emotions | Sara Gottfried

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Girls begin going through puberty as early as 8 years old. From the moment you become aware of your body and people begin commenting on your changes, shame, discomfort, and confusion begin to settle in. While we all settle into our bodies in different ways and at different ages, the harsh reality is that 53% of American girls are not happy with their bodies by 13 years of age and by 17 the amount of unhappy girls grows to 78%! Behind the onslaught of body image issues and societal pressures that mark the barometer of where you fall on the ‘acceptance meter,’ are a mounting number of quietly misdiagnosed hormonal issues.

Dr. Sara Gottefried is a Harvard and M.I.T. graduate, medical physician, and NY Times bestselling author of, The Hormone Cure. She shines light on the issues women are having with being properly diagnosed, treated and even heard on health issues that have been sold as not being related. As females, the number of factors that impact our hormones, our moods, our ability to function and feel like we have worth and value is mind-blowing. Dr. Gottfried is sharing some of the issues, their sources, how to resolve them and most importantly how to speak up confidently for yourself. She’s debunking myths about what’s the best diet for you and misconceptions around the “man hormone” testosterone and why it’s so critical for female health.

“Genetics loads the gun and food pulls the trigger”


Misconceptions | Ways women can take ownership of their health and transparent risks [0:51]
Testosterone | Why testosterone can cause problems with confidence and empowerment [4:15]
Hormones | Identifying hormonal issues, and why cortisol is a big concern to watch for [7:13]
Precision Medicine | How it starts with diet, lifestyle, & nutrition observed with wearables [13:34]
Average Treatment | Dr. Gottfried shares reality of how medicine for the average works [16:58]
After 40 | How hormonal changes affect women and allows us to speak our truth more [20:35]
Food Plan | How to use elimination diet to assess how food is impacting your health, [24:15]
Eating for Hormones | Connecting the dots between your food, hormones and mood [32:05]
Body Messages | Stop ignoring the messages your body is sending you [38:33]
Antibiotics | The havoc antibiotics caused Dr. Gottfried’s microbiome, changing it by 87% [43:28]
Feeling Shame | How shame is holding you back from being honest about your health [46:29]
Confidence | Feeling okay with challenging your doctor and getting hormones checked [52:38]
Fertility Value | Women not given full evaluation and tests based on not wanting kids [54:52]
Gut Related | Dr Gottfried explains why gut health has everything to do with estrogen [57:10]
Nutrigenomics | How genetics predict food and nutrient response to gluten, salt, caffeine [58:30]


“Whatever you’re experiencing, is your truth, and you don’t need a doctor to validate that for you.” [2:35]

“When it comes to your hormones. Your food is the backbone of the hormones that you make.” [32:10]

“What is a perfect meal for you today might be different than 10 years ago might be different than five years from now.” [36:32]

“Women have such clear messages about what’s going on in their body, and yet were invalidated when we bring them to our doctors.” [38:56]

“It is normal for women to be moody. I just want to normalize that right now, that is totally cool, like that is our superpower to use our moodiness to use our willingness to speak our truth…” [47:56]

“A big part of stepping into our power is not just not allowing a physician to disrespect you, but to not do it to yourself, like not reinforce the habit by putting up with it.” [54:11]

“Medicine is set up to reinforce fertility in women.” [55:34]

“Genetics is part of the story. Environment is a b****r part of the story. So, the way that we sometimes think of it is that genetics loads the gun, but environment pulls the trigger.” [1:01:27]

“So much It is under your control the choices you make with food, the time that you go to bed tonight, the amount of morning sun that you get the, the people that you feed yourself with…” [1:04:59]

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