Low Impact Beginner Walk at Home for Fabulous Women Over 50! #walkathome #popfitclothing #sketchers

If this is your first time working out with me, then watch this for a few how-to tips: • Workout Tips for Coach Tiffany Harte’…

Most importantly, have fun with it!!!
Are you ready? Let’s Go!!!

If you need to catch your breath, then simply walk in place. If you need to fire it up, then jog when I walk in place. Remember to focus on your breath and drink water as needed. An easy way to make sure you’re not getting too out of breath is to see if you can carry on a conversation. If you’re too winded then just slow down but keep walking with me.

Consult with your doctor before beginning any diet or exercise program including this one. The information and instruction presented in this video are not substitution for medical advice. All information provided by Coach Tiffany Harte is of general nature for educational and/or entertainment purposes only. Participation in this video and/or adherence to the disclosed information is voluntary and at your own discretion. With any exercise program comes the risk of injury. If you feel any pain or any other symptoms, then stop exercising and seek medical advice. You assume the risk of injury from your use of the exercise instruction and tips contained in this video. The creators, performers, producers, participants, and distributors of this video disclaim any liability for any damage, injury, or loss resulting from your use of the techniques, exercises, and information provided within.



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