One Woman Impacting Law Enforcement, Intelligence, and the World

In the course of our 250 episodes (can you believe it?) on Women Worldwide, you’ve heard from successful and impactful women in business, politics, entertainment, and many other challenging industries. Now it’s time to chat with a high-powered woman from the law enforcement and intelligence field. This is a field that historically and today has been male-dominated for a variety of reasons, but Lauren Anderson decided that there was no reason she couldn’t make it in intelligence as well.

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Lauren holds nothing back in this interview. Her advice and recommendations are spot on for all women and men, not just those seeking careers in law enforcement. While she is always seeking to find gender equality, she has no desire to exclude the men in her life from her vast business and intelligence knowledge. As she says, find those partners in your career, be they women or men, and develop relationships.

Can’t wait for you to hear her advice and everything she has to offer with regard to starting your own business and impacting women around the world.

Happy Holidays! Looking forward to serving you in the new year!

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