25 Women to Africa #25toafrica Geeks Gone Global

Innovative entrepreneurship starts with a mindset that is born from the realization that everything is possible. Women have a history of defying all odds to do the amazing. Making a way for these 25 amazing women and their African counterparts to come together is like the joining of two ends of a severed electric cable possible of lighting up the world. -it must happen”

Faruq Hunter

Geeks Gone Global is announcing the launch of the fund your trip platform by highlighting 25 spectacular women social innovators and enthusiasts that are doing awesome work to impact the world in their perspective countries. These are individuals with the minds and hearts to create great change in the lives of others through their work and impact. Like most highly effective innovators, these 25 are so dedicated to their causes that their some of their resources demand that they reach out to the community in order to fund their inclusion in the amazing Geeks Gone Global 180 Initiative to cross-pollenate and cross-collaborate innovators in over 180 countries by the end of 2015. In February 2014, our focus will be Africa. In partnership with Sankalp Forum Africa, Geeks Gone Global will take 25 powerful minority women to Africa to build bridges and create a lasting impact in the lives of women throughout the continent by building bonds of collaboration and expanding the African Women entrepreneurial ecosystem.



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