Rwanda: S****l Pleasure and Controversy – BBC World Service

When it comes to gender equality in politics, Rwanda regularly tops international league tables. But for some in this tiny African country, gender equality is not just a public matter but a private one too. The traditional s****l practice of Kunyaza has a reputation for facilitating female o*****s and e*********n.

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We follow Vestine Dusabe, a well-known radio host and sexologist living in Rwanda whose late night show advises people on how to practice kunyaza and to improve s****l life for both men and women.

While exploring the intimate world of female pleasure, we also hear about another traditional practice, which is often spoken about alongside kunyaza: gukuna, otherwise known as l***a elongation. Vestine, like many others, have encouraged girls as young as nine to elongate their l***a in order to prepare them for marriage and enhance their own and their future husband’s s****l pleasure. But now the practice is receiving a backlash. Some Rwandan feminists and medical professionals argue that gukuna should be seen as a detrimental health issue, not a cultural one.

There’s advice and limited support for women concerned about l***a elongation provided in Rwanda by medics and NGOs, such as Health Development Initiative.

WHO does not explicitly mention labial elongation as a form of female genital mutilation. It periodically reviews the typology and classification of certain practices and the next review is envisioned for 2020-2021.

In this documentary, we look at competing attitudes when it comes to female s****l pleasure and explore the collision zone between individual rights and preserving cultural practices.

Director, producer: Kayleen Devlin and Lily Freeston
Cinematography: Sebastian Rabas
Edit: Owen Keane
Narrator: Victoria Uwonkunda




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