90. Impacting the World Through Baby Food and Lessons Learned from Scaling Multiple Startups…

Betsy Fore was named one of Forbes 30 under 30, BBC’s 100 Most Inspiring Women, and she is currently the co-founder of Tiny Organics, a nutrient-rich, organic baby food company designed to build adventurous eaters from a young age.

Betsy has over a decade of experience as an inventor, product founder and CEO, serves on the Tufts School of Nutrition and Policy Innovation Council and her company, Tiny Organics, has been chosen by Michelle Obama’s Partnerships for a Healthier America for their baby food initiative to support veggie-forward early palate development across the nation.

But above all, she is the mama of a little boy named Sebastian who was the inspiration behind launching Tiny Organics.

In this episode, Betsy and I chatted about…

Her Forbes 30 Under 30 title for manufacturing and industry as one of the only woman inventors in her company and her inspiration to be an inventor In her first company Wondermento, she invented the first “fitbit” for dogs called WonderWoof Her journey from being raised in a rural town with a Native American mother to building Tiny Organics at 8 months pregnant Lessons learned from scaling her first company: growing a team, creating a shared vision, exiting a company, being a solo founder and fundraising How to feed your baby whole foods with baby led weaning, starting solids and why timing on savory over sweet flavors is important for developing a child’s palette What she did differently with her second company: Tiny Organics The importance of Tiny’s Founding Family – testing and reiterating for a year before bringing it to market and the value of organic word of mouth marketing over paid advertising and how it led to scaling and funding faster Interested in trying out Tiny Organics? Get 40% off the first box of Tiny meals with code: TINYLOVESMOAC

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Website: www.tinyorganics.com Instagram: @tinyorganics —–

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