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On Today’s Episode:

When you are being used in a relationship, you may notice something feels off, and you may even pinpoint the things he’s doing to trigger you, but the scary truth is that you also may not notice these things.

In this episode, we’re talking about red flags you cannot ignore, why it’s important to make accurate assessments of yourself first, and all the ways you’re going to be able to take back your power and never blindly hand it over again.

If you’re dating, in a relationship, or debating if it’s time to go or not, this episode is for you. No one wants to be used in a relationship or taken advantage of wasting time with the wrong person. The key takeaway in this video is that taking back your power comes down to knowing that your ability to assess yourself, your feelings and the situations, decide for yourself, and honor your boundaries are all part of your superpower and badassery!

Lisa Bilyeu is a successful entrepreneur, former housewife, all around badass and the best-selling author of Radical Confidence. She’s about empowering women and sharing practical tips that allow you to get tactical with how you level up and channel your inner badass to become unstoppable! Today is the day to make sure you’re never used by anyone again and the day you step up and be the hero of your own life.


0:00 | Introduction Don’t Let Him Use You
0:06 | He Avoids Future Conversations
5:35 | Not Introduced to Friends & Family
8:45 | No Consideration for Your Feelings
13:20 | All He Does is Take!
15:51 | Threatening to End the Relationship
20:05 | Doesn’t Talk About His Feelings
24:02 | He Never Apologizes


“There’s a big difference between actually putting someone to the test or putting yourself to the test.” [0:57]

“In those moments of asking them the questions and being transparent you can get the truth out of them.” [7:49]

“You just have to make a demand of yourself that you are so much better, you are worth so much frikin’ more than being with someone that doesn’t care about your feelings, […] this is a non-negotiable!” [9:00]

“If this is a partner that you want to try to build a relationship with, a long-term relationship with, you don’t just want to keep coming at them like they’ve done something wrong.” [12:20]

“Maybe he is taking and taking and taking. The truth is you just need to get better at saying no.” [13:50]

“They can only take what you’re willing to give them.” [15:23]

“Someone using a fear tactic in your relationship is a big frikin’ red flag!” [16:00]

“Don’t you dare give your power away when you see all these red flags. You have the ability, you have the strength, you have the frikin’ badassery to assess the red flag, […] and you decide whether you’re going to accept it or not.” [19:42]

“You never use their vulnerability as a weapon.” [23:10]

“Their ego is so frikin’ important that they can’t bring themselves to say, I’m sorry…” [24:17]]

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