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Has being a people-pleaser become part of your identity? Are you the person everyone knows they can rely on when they need something? Feeling like you’re stuck in a rut and lacking the confidence you need to go after what you want isn’t serving you. In fact it’s leaving you feeling more like a low-value add in every relationship and situation you find yourself in.

News flash homie! We are all high value!

Lisa’s about to break down 8 traits of a high value woman and give you the boost and motivation you need to tap into your high value super power. Join Lisa and these amazing women to see how you can increase your value today!

Sara Jakes Roberts is a woman of faith and the bestselling author of Woman Evolve. Her episode is absolute fire and will leave speechless in tears. Check out her full episode here:

Elle Russ is a bestselling author, master coach and badass when it comes to women’s confidence You can catch her full episode on confidence and find out her superpower here:

Chalene Johnson is not only an entrepreneur, fitness coach and business coach she’s a fighter that proved herself to be a high value woman against the odds. You can checkout her inspiring full conversation with Lisa here:

Faith Jenkins is an attorney, Divorce Court TV Judge, entrepreneur and bestselling author of the book, Sis Don’t Settle. In her episode with Lisa she really unpacked what it meant for her to be single as her option and something with her power, watch the full conversation here:


0:00 | Introduction to High Value Woman
0:24 | A High Value Woman Doesn’t Need A Man
5:59 | A High Value Woman Has Self-Esteem
15:33 | A High Value Woman Has a Growth Mindset
17:34 | A High Value Woman Has a Self-Care Routine
25:47 | A High Value Woman Has Standards
31:40 | A High Value Woman Has Ambitious Goals
34:36 | A High Value Woman Celebrates Her Achievements
37:08 | A High Value Woman Listens to Her Intuition


“A high value woman knows that she’s got her own frikin’ back!” Lisa Bilyeu [0:36]

“I’d finally learned to protect my space and my energy and my growth, and I wanted to know that whoever I was inviting into my space could continue to cultivate the garden of who I am…” Sarah Jakes Roberts [5:41]

“Everyday I’m going to do something that becomes an incremental step towards building my self-esteem.” Lisa Bilyeu [6:50]

“If you don’t speak up in life, from the bedroom to the boardroom, you’re not going to get what you want out of life.” Elle Russ [12:35]

“Being open and okay with vulnerability is actually confident as f*ck.” Elle Russ [14:18]

“A growth mindset allows you to take negative feedback and see the positive in it.” Lisa Bilyeu [15:42]

“A high value woman actually knows to stop sacrificing for everybody else” Lisa Bilyeu [18:46]

“What I do need to carefully covet and protect is my time, cause I can’t get more of that…” Chalene Johnson [24:46]

“I knew I was already bringing a lot to the table and I wanted someone who was going to add to the happiness I already had.” Faith Jenkins [28:38]

“Homie, having a job or a career or a goal and going after it isn’t frikin’ selfish.” Lisa Bilyeu [33:17]

“Giving yourself a pat on the back and grabbing the pom poms and cheering for yourself will start building your confidence.” Lisa Bilyeu [36:31]

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